Award winning filmmaker, Director, and Television Host

Anthony Jones (Trip Yung) his BFA in Journalism in 2006 and his Masters in Interactive Multimedia Arts in 2008 at Long Island University. In April of 2009 Anthony became an Access Producer at Bronxnet, the Bronx public access channel where he debuted the Beta Award nominated television show Janet’s Kitchen. It was around this time that he decided to expand his brand.

As a long time sports fan Anthony decided to take his talents to radio. Thus Real Fans Real Talk was born. The hour long sports news and talk show which began on a small Internet Radio station would move shortly after to 1040 AM WVOX in Westchester and debuted in the fall of 2011.

Early in 2012 Anthony decided he wanted to further expand his audience and would begin broadcasting the show live on television and through their own website The first live episode of Real Fans Real Talk aired on Cablevision and Verizon in the Bronx on August 7th 2012. Less than a year later Real Fans Real Talk was awarded the BETA Award for best TV Series. 

To date Anthony is getting set to release his first documentary, Raw Deal: The Last B.I.G. Night. A feature length film which gives a play by play recap of legendary rapper Christopher “Notorious B.I.G” Wallace’s last night alive before he was brutally murdered. The film will uncover the reason behind the rappers death as well as why the murder has gone unsolved to date.

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Screenwriter, Actor, Casting Director, Film Director, and Film Producer 

Lamont Ross is a 26 year old film makers who loves to entertain. Going from stage to screen, Lamont has found pleasure helping tell stories over the screen.  Lamont also began to write stories of his own and has had the opportunity to get a script he wrote filmed as a short that is in post now. Lamont also is a high energy performer who always has fun with what he does. Lamont simply hopes to help entertain the world.

You can contact Reggie to book him for a show or schedule clinical hypnotist secessions.    Email:  Phone: 718.637.9402 

You can contact Reggie to book him for a show or schedule clinical hypnotist secessions. 


Phone: 718.637.9402 


Introducing Comedy Hypnotist Reggie Rodriguez - also known by his stage name "Reggie The Mind Hacker". Reggie Rodriguez is a true Master in the art of hypnotism. Reggie has been working with hypnosis for over 18 years and is so confident that he will amaze and delight. Reggie Rodriguez is an exhilarating comedian and wonderful Entertainer that has performed his comedy hypnosis shows out in the streets of times square. His unique style and natural stage presence guarantees every one of his hypnosis events will be entertaining and fun.As an event entertainer, Reggie uses powerful suggestions for positive change, allowing people both on and off the stage to feel better about themselves. Reggie has been motivating people for over 18 years, and is truly a "Master" in the art of hypnosis.

Reggie Rodriguez started out as a clinical hypnotist. Using his training in various hypnotic techniques and honed skills in building rapport he's able to assist people with letting go of their challenges and replacing them with confidence and success. Very quickly he discovered that clients responded more readily to suggestions given in an environment of light heartedness than in the typical "all work and no play" hypnotherapy sessions of the past. 

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New York Real Estate Agent and Cancer Survivor

Carlene grew up in upstate NY in a small city called Kingston. There she worked and went to school and bettered herself by working hard and eventually getting into purchasing properties.  As a single mom and the sole provider she decided at an early age to challenge herself in the world of real estate.  Growing up in a middle class family with only one working parent and raising a child on her own she realized she wanted more for her life and her son.  Going from welfare to wealth was the outcome.  She had become a successful real estate investor in no time owning apartment buildings throughout NY and Florida.

Carlene was diagnosed with cervical cancer back in 2011. She is now in remission and is spreading the word on how important it is to get your yearly gyno check ups along with mammograms and physicals each year and at an early age!  Being proactive is what saved her life and had she not have gone she would not be here.

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Singer, Songwriter, Actor, DJ and producer

Born to a Scottish father and Jamaican mother, from birth Robbie’s influences of music is diverse. His mother, a local DJ and major socialite known to throw lavish parties created his deep love for music. Robbie grew up listening to everything from Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and many other timeless singers.