GrandMother of The Nick Smith Show

Gran Gran, I'm not going to be hosting The View or The Price Is Right, you can stop telling people I'm going to be on TV. My show will be on the internet and local public access channels. Family, I can always count on their support when it matters the most. From the moment my grandmother heard I was going to be hosting my own, she wouldn't stop talking about it. If I get 100 views I think it will be all from her watching my show from all 100 of her electronic devices. That woman keeps up with the latest gadgets more than I do. She has the latest iPad, android phone and asus computers all thanks to the TV shopping channels. Job well done infomercials, you've manage to capture your audience including my grandmother with 6 easy payments of only $99.99. She is a very active woman on social media. 

When I said active, I mean actively minding other people's business. I know I've been pretty good at managing the content I put out there because if I didn't I would have certainly heard from her about it. She tells me when other family members posting craziness on Facebook. She would say in her Caribbean accent, "ehhh, you see that nastiness so and so posing on Facebook and cursing, I don't know what's wrong with y'all young people these days"  and she goes on until I change the subject. I think she might do quite well in Public Relations now that she's retired and is well invested in the latest technology. She's my grandmother, she's my supporter and will certainly be my #1 fan and advertiser. 

Posted on October 30, 2014 .